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According to a Visual DNA test my level of openness suggests that I draw my strength from tradition and familiarity. I'm down to earth and prefer clear, straightforward direction to abstract or theoretical thinking.

I'm good at thinking through my actions before acting on an impulse. This helps me to avoid unnecessary stress or trouble, but it can also lead to workaholic and perfectionist extremes. My level of extraversion suggests that I'm more likely to be more reserved at first, I enjoy time alone and value maintaining strong relationships with close friends.

I value getting along with others, I'm considerate, friendly, and willing to compromise my interests for the benefit of the group around me. As a result I tend to be very popular. I'm calm, emotionally stable and are less easily upset than people with high levels of neuroticism.

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On my spear time I enjoy going to the movies with friends or just hang out with my family. Having that said the gym is probably among my closest friends; It's important for me to stay in shape and working out really boosts my energy and make me feel great.

Other interests are biking, hiking, cross country- and downhill skiing. I like to discover new destinations and try to travel as much as I can. There are many interesting cultures out there. But I don't need to go abroad for vacations, a trip to the summer house or to the mountains could be both fun with friends or alone.

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My number one hobby is my big interest for computers and website building. In 2006 I made my first website, turning out to be one of the most popular sites of it's kind in my home country. This inspired me to make new websites and and now have a half a dozen of them. I always have a project going on.

My increasing knowledge of website building have turned out be useful, not only for myself. I've also made website for friends and for the companies where I have worked.


2006 - 2007

University - ESADE Business School

My final year of the Batchelor degree at ESADE (Escuela Superior de Administrasión y Dirección de Empresas) in Barcelona, Spain.

Diploma project/Dissertation: A water saving product invented by a Norwegian company; Albedo Technology International: Is there a potential market for the bio-membrane in the segments of golf courses and parks&gardens in Catalonia, Spain?

2003 - 2006

University - BI Norwegian Business School

At BI (the largest business school in Norway) I studied International Marketing and Spanish. The studies included one year abroad to complete the Batchelor degree.

1998 - 1999

Military service in the Norwegian Navy

Two yeras of hard training and discipline. The first year I served in a fort outside Trondheim, it a small willage called Hysnes. The second year in served on a frigate called KNM Narvik.

1987 - 1996

Elementary and junior high - Kampen

I did all 6 years of elementary school Kampen and finished junior high at the same school situated in Oslo-east. It formed me to the educated and nice persion I am today :)


Norwegian Promotion Group, Oslo

My main tasks at NPG are obtaining new and continuing clients portfolio, lead client meetings and uncover customer needs, develop stand concepts with designer, prepare quotations and present this with the stand concept to client, coordination and carry out the project. In addition, my website construction experience have yet again turned out to come handy, as I have made various websites for NPG.

Norwegian Promotion Group, Oslo

My main tasks as Project Coordinator at NPG was development of a registrations system called Delegia, monitoring customor registration, preparation for events, fairs and exhibitions, carry out the project with the project leader and development of webpages according to the customors needs.

Norwegian-Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Madrid

Daily and general administration of the Chamber, planing and organizing of all events, responsible of publishing relevant news for the members of the Chamber, sending out Newsletters, update homepage, continuous communication with members, stakeholders and Norwegian- and Spanish authorities. Accounting and billing.

Commercial Office, Embassy of Norway, Madrid

At the Commercial Office at the Embassy of Norway (better known as Innovation Norway), I were assisting senior advisors in their customer projects in sectors like seafood, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), the spear part project for the Norwegian frigates and so on. Planning and conducting meetings between Norwegian and Spanish companies, helping the Norwegian companies to introduce their product to the spanish market. Handling of general inquiries and questions related to commerce between the two contries, both Spanish companies trying to enter the Norwgian maket and vice versa. I also assisted the Norwegian tourist office with their projects, fairs, workshops.

Dolly Dimple's, Oslo

My main tasks during my time at Dolly Dimple´s callcenter was supervising the the employees taking orders from our clients, use motivation as sttribute to achieve results, solve unexpected problems fast, decisionmaking, pizza sale, customer service, focus on client satisfaction and general administration. At the restaurant I worked as a waiter and driver, delivering the best pizza to hungry Norwegians.

Norsk Gallup Institutt AS, Oslo

I simply worked as a telephone interviewer at Norway's biggest market analysis agency.


Microsoft Office and Superoffice 90%
Delegia Event & Booking system 75%
Social Media 80%

Office tools

I use Microsoft office (Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint) on a daily basis and my knowledge to this software are excelent. Superoffice keep our projects organized and keep track of our clients, it really makes our day more efficient and allow us to work across eachothers projects.


Delegia is a leading Nordic provider for IT solutions for meetings, events, conferences, congresses, fairs and courses. Their services help their customers with daily administration of events and managing participants, with increased marketing and analysis activities, and of course with many new ideas.

Wordpress 90%
Google Analytics, Adsense and Adwords 85%
HTML, PHP, MySQL, Javascript 25%

Google tools

I have loong experience with both Google Adsense and Google Adwords, as well as Google Analtyics. I have used theese tools for my websites in many years to keep track of the development, sell advertising space and increase traffic by buying relevant traffic to my sites. I addition I have a great understanding of Google Search.


WordPress is in my opinion the worlds best free and open source blooging tool with endless posibilities. I've used WordPress for many of the sites I've made, but not nearly all of them. It's important to clearify the clients needs before chooosing the CMS system for the actual website. My knowledge to WordPress are excelent.




DinOrdbok (Norwegian for YourDictionary) is the second result of a translation tool, with the posibility to translate from Norwegian (Bokmål), Norwegian (Nynorsk) and Sami to 24 other languages. As well as translation of words it offer synonyms, pronunciation, definitions and example of usage.



EasyTrans was the first translation tool I made in 2006. It turned out to be one of the most popular translation tools in Norway, based on the numbers of visitors. EasyTrans offers advance translation to English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Swedish. Including synonyms, verb conjugation and pronunciation.



I actually made this site to solve my own everyday problems. This website offers around 100 tools helping you calculate, convert and generate. You will find basic tools such as weight, speed and time converters. But also more complex tools with the intention of making your day easier. All calculators are in Norwegian.



UrbanOrdbok.no er norges svar på UrbanDictionary. En side der alle kan legge til norske urbane ord og uttrykk som du ikke finner i den tradisjonelle ordboka. Målet er å laget en omfattende ordbok med beskrivelse og eksempler på bruk av ord som ikke er akseptert av språkrådet. Det er også lov itl å bruke ironi for å få frem et poeng. Jeg håper med dette interesserte kan få større forståelse av det urbane språket.



Wordhelp.com is a pretty amazing tool helping you find the words you need to beat your friends in games such as Wordfeud, Words With Friends and Scrabble. It also helps you out with your crossword puzzles when you are having ha hard time finding the answer to the clue. Wordhelp was the first site I made for the English marked witch at the time was an unknow theritory to me and with a lot of competintion. The site has turned out to be a handy tool for many users.

NEW - Norger Exhibition Worldwide

Wordpress Website

NEW is a website I made for the company where I'm working (Norwegian Promotion Group). It is based on the Content Management System Wordpress. I love working with Wordpress because it's so versatile. It is responsive, it has a user friendly back office and I can add advance functions on request, fast. And all this probably because of its open source philosophy.



Kryssordkongen (Crossword King in English) is one of Norways most popular websites crossword sites. Helping you solve your everyday crossword with 700.000 clues and over a 6.000.000 answers. Users can contribute by adding new hints and answers. The goal is to make the best and most complete Norwegian crossword site.


Jon Atle Sandbakken
0661, Oslo, Norway

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